Ideas in the Rough Speaker Series

Ideas in the Rough (IIR) is not your regular speaker series.

Every Friday afternoon, we gather together a dynamic group of colleagues to help each other with research projects and ideas.

IIR presentations are meant to be rough and informal, which is why we encourage speakers to NOT use slides.

Any interested doctoral students, post-docs, and faculty across UVA are invited to attend and offer encouragement and substantive support to speakers. We are an interdisciplinary group, so come prepared to ditch your discipline-specific jargon and learn!

Andy Hales (Psychology)
UVA Cancer Center
Robert Bruner (Darden)
Dana Schroeder (UVA Office of Sustainability)
Pravin Karki, Usayd Casewit, George Annandale (World Bank Group)
Mike Lennox and Becky Duff (Darden)
Niles Guo (Carnegie Mellon)
John Pickering (Evidn)


Contact us if you would like to speak or attend!