Organizational Behavior,

Catherine Owsik

Catherine (Cat, Kasia) Owsik is a third-year Ph.D. student studying organizational behavior at the Convergent Behavioral Science Initiative at the University of Virginia.

Cat’s research investigates diversity, equity, and inclusion and focuses on the psychology of upward mobility in a just transition. Her primary questions include when and why is career “success” a double-edged sword for people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds? And what psychological barriers will people face as we transition to a decarbonized future? Taken together, her research sheds light on systemic inequality and social justice through organizational change. With a minor in quantitative psychology, Cat uses a wide range of research methods for experimental, field, and measurement research. She is currently working on projects related to self-narratives, socioeconomic class transitions, and environmental justice.

Cat received her B.Sc. in biology with honors from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. She is a 2020 Environmental Resiliency Institute Fellow as well as a Lim Kim San Fellow in organizational behaviour for 2020-21. Prior to graduate school, Cat worked in environmental non-profits in Vancouver and her hometown, Toronto.

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