Our research is making contributions in three overlapping areas: energy systems, diversity, and well-being.

Energy Systems

CBSI researchers are working to meet present day energy needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. We take a broad view of energy systems, examining how they interact with issues ranging from water scarcity to climate change mitigation and adaptation. And we consider the social implications of these systems, which often overlap with our other areas of work, in diversity and in well-being.


CBSI researchers seek science-based approaches to increasing the number of diverse voices across industries and disciplines that play a role in shaping our future. We are working, for example, to ensure women and racial and ethnic minorities have voices and opportunities in executive board rooms, engineering classrooms and public discourse.


CBSI researchers use behavioral science to improve human physical and mental health. This includes interventions to help medical professionals better serve patients while maintaining their own well-being. It also includes sharpening our approach to preventative healthcare.