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Engineering Systems and Environment Welcomes 23 Visitors for Graduate Recruiting Weekend


Bethany Gordon (photo on left) and Udayan Singh were the top winners at Engineering Systems and Environment’s recent graduate symposium.

The University of Virginia School of Engineering hosted its annual graduate recruiting weekend Feb. 21-23. School-wide, a full schedule of events for prospective graduate students included everything from department-specific lab tours to local excursions to nearby sites. Engineering Systems and Environment, the University’s home for civil, systems and environmental engineering, welcomed 23 graduate recruits from diverse backgrounds. As part of its lineup of events, the department held a recruiting lunch and graduate research symposium, with prizes awarded for poster presentations.

Bethany Gordon (CBSI) won the 2019 People’s Choice Award. A panel of faculty judges awarded first place to Udayan Singh, and there was a two-way tie between Hyunglok Kim and Sarah Gustitus-Graham for second place.