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CBSI Takes Lead at Upcoming ideas42 Behavioral Summit


At CBSI, we think a lot about how to build better systems with behavioral science, and how to integrate the principles of diversity and inclusion into all of the work we do. On October 24th and 25th, we’ll share our new insights and research on these subjects during two panels at the ideas42 Behavioral Summit in New York City.

Building Better Systems

Joining academics and practitioners like Rory Sutherland, Betsy Levy Paluck, Robert Cialdini, and Daniel Pink, CBSI Co-Director Leidy Klotz will kick off the second day of the summit by leading a conversation about how to incorporate behavioral science into the design of infrastructure, institutions, and policy. As Klotz has written, it’s crucial that any strategy take into account that organizational decision-makers and designers are susceptible to the same cognitive biases as the rest of us.

Solving For Diversity

Later in the day, CBSI Co-Director Morela Hernandez will present her work during a panel exploring how we can use behavioral insights to make workplace diversity and inclusion interventions more effective. Hernandez’s research tells stories of unintended consequences of well-intentioned “solutions,” like board quotas for women or affinity groups for underrepresented groups. For instance, when workplaces encourage the creation of affinity groups – the populations they’re meant to raise up end up being isolated from organizational power brokers.

We hope to see you there.